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Western Canada's largest hackathon celebrating underrepresented genders in tech

March 11-12, 2023 | Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre @ The University of British Columbia (UBC)







About cmd-f

cmd-f is a hackathon focused on addressing gender inequality in technology. Our main purpose is to create a safe, dedicated space for people who face gender inequalities to hack together. We're trying to create access for people who have historically been excluded. We have encouraged participation from women, trans people, non-binary individuals, and other gender-diverse people. Thus, cmd-f is only open to individuals that identify as an underrepresented gender in technology.

We're aware that gender is not the only inequality in technology. We appreciate allyship and recognize it is important in the community. We are asking our allies to show their support by not hacking but helping in other forms, such as volunteering or mentoring. Please make sure your participation for this event is aligned with the intentions of the event. We ask all participants who attend to trust that everyone else who is attending is meant to be here.

For more information on who is an underrepresented gender in technology, please email us at [email protected]



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